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The Wedding Ministries Senior Pastor, Rev. Blaine Ellsworth, has had an instrumental role in the establishment of the wedding industry in the Wine Country. Since doing one of the first weddings at a winery in 1988, Rev. Ellsworth has established a specialized team of fifteen clergy people. Each have been chosen for their openness, friendliness, dependability, compassion, and sacred honoring of each couples religious and spiritual history.

Appreciating the need for more personalized, inspiring, and empowering elopement experiences "The Wedding Ministries" established "Enchanting Elopements." at the beginning of this millennium.    Since then, we are proud to say that each couple have had an experience far surpassing their expectations.

While Rev. Ellsworth officiates at most of the elopements, "The Wedding Ministries" is very sensitive to make sure each couple has a minister presiding over their service who will be most sensitive and complimentary to their values.

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